Sustainability. Our all future.

Picture copper pipes
Picture copper pipes

With tradition and experience comes commitment

At Expert, we are committed to continuously working towards sustainability. We do this together with our customers, suppliers, partners, the society and the environment.

In doing so, we focus essentially on three pillars:

Technology and efficiency

The efficient design of transformers and inductive components enables significant savings of resources. This concerns the material input at the product, its resulting weight and the resulting losses.

The use of our transformers can provide significant CO2 savings to existing technologies based on gas furnaces, for example. If, in addition, the power supply is provided by renewable energies, processes are even CO2 neutral.

Durability and repair

Our products are designed in such a way that they ideally last for many years and decades if used for the intended purpose.

In addition to the adapted constructive design, the correct selection at the moment of inquiry is also important.

In addition, wherever possible, the products are designed to allow repair, as in the case of diodes or attachments.

Return and disposal

After use, our products are a source of raw materials for copper and other metals.

Accordingly, we offer our customers a free take-back and recycling service.

We make sure that they are recycled in Germany and in compliance with all environmental standards.