Solutions tailor-made.

Individual solutions become standards.

One of Expert's main areas of expertise is the implementation of customer requirements. In addition to the flexible adaptation of existing products, this also includes the development of completely new solutions in the field of high-current technology.

Picture Three-phase heating transformer
Picture Three-phase heating transformer

Three phase systems

In addition to the standard single-phase solutions, the transformers can also be connected in three-phase configuration. Individual solutions in resistance welding and heating can be implemented in all power classes. The following requirements are taken into account:

  • Secondary rectifier bridges
  • Different switching groups
  • Scott and economy circuits
  • Integration of monitoring functions
Picture Heating Transformer 420kVA for Glass Melting
Picture Heating Transformer 420kVA for Glass Melting

Complete solutions

Expert supports and implements complete solutions including:

  • Electrical, hydraulical and mechanical design
  • Cabinet mounting
  • Integration of control and regulation components
  • Electrical connection
Picture special transformer for flash butt welding MF 3714kVA
Picture special transformer for flash butt welding MF 3714kVA

Special solutions

High-current applications are diverse and so are their requirements. We offer special solutions for and with:

  • Permanent currents >200kA
  • Sekundary voltage of >100V even for MFDC
  • Frequencies of up to 20 kHz
  • Very short pulses
  • High current rise times
  • Adjusted induction and leakage inductance
  • Loss optimized transformers and inductances
  • Rectifier protection circuits
Picture special transformer AC 1060kVA
Picture special transformer AC 1060kVA


Transformers and other high-current components are generally very durable. Nevertheless, these also break down from time to time. After many years, the original manufacturers are no longer on the market and solutions are needed. We place a high focus on the interfaces and ensuring the previous functionality. In addition to the rebuilding of old transformers, we also offer support in the conversion to new technologies (DC, medium frequency ...). Here we advise the customer comprehensively and establish the necessary contacts in areas of control and mechanical engineering.

Picture coaxial transformer for induction welding
Picture coaxial transformer for induction welding

Induction heating

Increasingly, we are opening up new markets. Among others, in the field of induction heating. The following products have been implemented at the request of customers:

  • Frequency-matched transformers
  • Coaxial transformers
  • Secondary resonant circuits


We develop and produce special water-cooled chokes for the renewable energy and e-mobility sectors. They are used as:

  • Mains chokes
  • DC chokes
  • Filter chokes
  • Earthing chokes
  • Suction chokes
  • ...